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    Euro Train Hobby inc. specializes in HO and TT scale train models and accessories for model railroading manufactured in Eastern Europe, such as East Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and countries of former Soviet Union. I, as the founder of the company, started my collection of model railroading about 25 years ago with TT scale from Berliner TT Bahnen. That is why it is familiar to me and I will try to supply to U.S collectors as much of European TT as possible.

            Euro Train Hobby inc. started its business with Tillig, the world’s biggest manufacturer and distributor of TT scale, but the stock will grow to cover more of the European TT scale manufactured market.

            We also supply HO collectors with the best and rarest East European train models produced by companies not exported to the U.S markets before.

            Euro Train Hobby inc. keeps most of the stock seen on our web page at our warehouse at most times. And shipping is swift.

            We try to keep our prices very competitive even though we are currently the only distributor of our stock in the U.S. Please call or email us for pricing and availability.

            We have fully qualified technicians who can repair your models and *install decoders for digital operation.

Our mail-order department will ship anywhere in the world.

Only for locomotives that qualify.

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New Item for 2018

Passenger car 2nd class GISEV

Passenger car 2nd class GISEV
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Set of 2 passenger cars 2nd class type Bpmz
Set of 2 passenger cars 2nd class type Bpmz
01.4 Cobblestones accesory sheets
02.Storage and transport box for locomotives and coaches #3 (1 pc.)
03.Cobblestones small
04.Storage and transport box for locomotives and coaches #2. (1 pc.)
05.Storage and transport box for locomotives and coaches #1 (1 pc.)
06.Roof tile brown color accesory sheet
07.Sidewalk & accesories
08.Arch Bar Freight truck
10.8 Sidewalk plates
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Set of 2 box cars type Hadgs
Alot of detail to add, but worth the time. Very nice when fi ..
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