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     We perform repairs/upgrades such as mechanical, body restorations and digital equipment installation. If it's not normally possible to install digital equipment (locomotives aren't factory prepared to accept digital controllers) our partners DCC TRAIN will usually be able to assist you. They can usually install controllers (including lighting and other components) in smaller locomotives which don't have enough interior space to contain the them. In other words Digital Command Control can be added to layouts of any scale, from F to Z.

     DCC TRAIN offers products and services that will bring DCC - Digital Command Control - to your layout. For exact quotes, please call (513) 284-8456, or send an e-mail message to with information identifying the exact model of locomotive in which you would like to have a decoder or sound system installed.

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New Item for 2017

Standard pocket car Hupac

Standard pocket car Hupac
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Compartment Passenger car 3rd class
Compartment Passenger car 3rd class
01.4 Cobblestones accesory sheets
02.Cobblestones small
03.Storage and transport box for locomotives and coaches #3 (1 pc.)
04.Storage and transport box for locomotives and coaches #2. (1 pc.)
05.Storage and transport box for locomotives and coaches #1 (1 pc.)
06.Roof tile brown color accesory sheet
07.Arch Bar Freight truck
09.Sidewalk & accesories
10.8 Sidewalk plates
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Swing roof car type Taes887
Nice car with excellent detail level. Roof does open and tha ..
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